Nike Air Max 270 series The first series designed for everyday life.

The Nike Air Max 270 is a collection of Nike's collections that combine sports, sports and leisure with AIR MAX air cushions. The oversized padded cushions surprise us both in appearance and performance. As an AIR MAX series The first series designed for everyday life, the 270 can be said to be a must-have for the street, excellent air cushion, and versatile fashion, becoming the symbol of the Air Max 270.

Air Max 270

In addition to inheriting the appearance of the predecessors, this pair of shoes has a particularly surprising point of view. The point of view is that the cushion thickness of this shoe reaches 3.2cm! This thickness can be said to be very exaggerated, which also led to its full of scientific and technological appearance, and invisibly increased by a few cm.

This is not a simple arithmetic problem. 32MM can provide us with a short leg. The height of the mother will no longer be able to find a girlfriend. The air cushion designed by LIFE STYLE is also more suitable for walking in daily life. It is.